Transporting and Delivering Leca® LWA

Delivering and Transporting Leca Lightweight aggregate

At Leca® UK we have accumulated a wealth of experience over the past 20 years in successfully transporting and delivering Leca® Lightweight Aggregate (LWA) to diverse civil engineering and construction projects throughout the UK.

Leca® LWA has been used extensively in structural and geotechnical projects including Road and Railway embankments, Swimming Pool Void FillsQuay Extentions, Fillings in Foundations andBehind Retaining Walls, Sub-Base Compensation, Structural Elements, Insulation of Pipelines,Sports Field Drainage, Tunnels and Bridge Development and much more.

We believe that no two projects are ever the same and each require their own specific delivery criteria.

Depending on the project requirement and location, we will source the vehicles to best suit the project requirement from Crossrail Compliant to FORS Registered. For more information on your delivery requirements please Contact Us.

We have listed below examples of delivery methods available throughout the UK:


Delivery Method: Walking Floor

Could carry up to 100 cubic metres of Leca® Lightweight Aggregate

Walking Floor


Delivery Method: 8 Wheel Rigid

Could carry up to 25-30 cubic metres of Leca® Lightweight Aggregate

8 wheel rigid


Delivery Method: Arctic Tipper

Could Carry up to 55 - 60 cubic metres of Leca® Lightweight Aggregate

Arctic Tipper


Delivery Method: Blowing Vehicle

Could Carry up to 55 cubic metres of Leca® Lightweight Aggregate

Pneumatic Blowing vehicle delivery


Delivery Method: Curtain Sided Vehicle

Can carry 50L Bags and Bulk Bags of Leca® Lightweight Aggregate

Curtain Sided Vehicle


Delivery Method: Flatbed with/ for Crane Offload

For delivery of 50L bags and bulk bags of Leca® Lightweight Aggregate

Flatbed with Crane Offload

* Please note vehicle capacities are approximate and subject to change depending on environmental conditions.