Liverpool Albert Dock Apartments

LECA® LWA was specified for garden planters at the entrance of a new development in Liverpool facing the world famous Albert Dock. The aim of the development was to add aesthetically pleasing horticultural features at the entrance of the apartment – adding a colourful and visually stunning entrance for the residents. 

LECA® LWA was installed to act as a lightweight substitute for soil for newly built planters on front of the new iconic apartment development by the Vermont Group. LECA® LWA is only one seventh the density of traditional crushed fill and freer draining than soil, this provided the development with a lighter, easier to handle solution for the developers. 

LECA LWA was installed for the garden planters

Over 60m3 of LECA® LWA was pneumatically delivered onto site over a few hours, through the LECA pneumatic delivery truck where there was limited access and where speed of delivery was crucial. The differing depths of the planters which at its deepest reached depths of 15 feet meant that the pneumatic delivery provided through the agile pneumatic delivery piping proved to be the most effective solution. 
LECA® LWA was selected as the choice growing medium replacing soil because of the type of plants planned for the development. Furthermore, using LECA® LWA as a growing medium can retain between 70-80% of rainfall and in winter, this can be up to 25%, providing less maintenance required by the Vermont team. 

Work is set to be complete at the beginning of 2020.