Manchester Green Roof Project

Over 130m3 of LECA®LWA was installed for a new green roof development in Manchester.

Over 130m3 of LECA® LWA was installed for a new green roof development in Manchester. The installation took place over a new underground car park development for a new apartment complex in the heart of Manchester, which can house over 100 car parking spaces. The lightweight nature of the material ensured that there was no excess weight applied to the fragile foundations which covered the car park. Traditional aggregates or soil would have caused excess load bearing over the car park with a huge risk of instability.

Adam Halford from Beechwood Industries said that “LECA® LWA was selected because I did some online research and put it forward to our client as the material is lightweight - it can be easily installed through pneumatic delivery and we needed something that was light weight, filled a void and was easily installed.”

LECA® LWA is a suitable replacement for soil as it has many fundamental properties which make it a suitable alternative to heavy soils. This includes the ability to apply LECA® LWA on every type of flat or slightly sloping roof of a building and underground car parks, including extensive and intensive types. 

Green Roof in Manchester
Green roof and water management over a car parking facility in Manchester

Some of the fundamental properties available for green roof development when specifying LECA® LWA includes natural support for root growth, high air conductivity, resistant to freezing temperature and fire resistance which is crucial for a new development projects. Furthermore, a vital characteristic is the LECA® LWA's ability to retain water, and delay the run-off from a green roof. 

He continued “Rob was helpful, technically knowledgeable and accommodating. He also was prepared to make a site visit with use to meet our client, providing our team with increased confidence.” 

Furthermore, the project faced a problematic situation of limited access through being based in central Manchester where congestion and parking was extremely restrictive. This also included a commercial garage adjacent which needed to continue to be in operation during normal work hours. 

A further even more pressing access issue included access to the actual platform of the installation which required the pneumatic blowing to reach around 40m in height and distance. Through incorporating the pneumatic blowing facility into the project, this provided cost savings in terms of man hours to install and the need to install and access a crane to lift alternative material such as soil.