Pneumatic Delivery for Infill under a Rail Station in Glasgow

Delivering and Transporting Leca Leca® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

LECA® LWA was installed for an infill under a rail station in Glasgow, near the Ibrox Stadium. This bridge infill project required 1000m3 of LECA® LWA to be installed. This project required going deep into an underground chasm beneath an old station and to fully utilise the pneumatic delivery method which is a unique facility to LECA® LWA – the ability to reach install at a distance of 50m and at a rapid rate was crucial with limited access and tight deadlines.

The LECA® LWA was delivered directly into Clydeport, Glasgow and was stockpiled specifically for many structural engineering projects in Scotland.

John McCormick, General Foreman at AMCO provided some further insight into why LECA® LWA was specified for this project, “We chose LECA® LWA as it is cost effective and easy to place in confined space situations. We were most satisfied with the ease in which it can be pumped and placed in to position quickly due to its lightweight properties and also allowed the water table to permeate through the infill and restore the original water levels. It had to be lightweight yet strong enough so it didn’t crush under load and also be versatile enough to place quickly to meet programme deadlines. We would definitely use LECA® LWA again in the future as it is an excellent product for infill works without putting too much load on adjoining structures. Light, versatile and easy to work with.”