Relieving the Ground Pressure Over a New Car Park

Creating Groundwork Support

“It’s a silver bullet scenario. The material drains and insulates, and will significantly reduce the strain on the roads,” explains Svein Olav Barikmo. The Leca Sales Engineer is talking about the Leca pellets that are being delivered to Kvernstua in Nittedal, where AF Gruppen is initially building 186 apartments.

In tune with nature

One or two kilometres away from the new homes, you are in the popular recreational area of Lillomarka and the forests of Nordmarka. Barely a kilometre below is the shopping centre, city hall and national road 4. The Ørfiske River, which previously supplied water to the powder mill in Nittedal, runs around three sides of the project.

The result is a residential development that is being marketed as in tune with nature. When homes are built in a former recreational area, nature trails must be preserved. A ski track and a new footpath are being built. The homes will have large balconies facing the surrounding countryside and 2.40-metre-high windows to accommodate natural light.

Parking on four levels
For this development a key point of design was ensuring traffic disappears. This new development will allow traffic to drive into the hill instead of the residential area, and there are lifts straight up from the car park to the apartments to all seven planned blocks.

“There will be four floors of underground parking,” explains AF Gruppen Project Manager Jon Olav Mo. “The car park is below all of the apartments, but on different levels, due to the sloping ground conditions.

Mo describes the whole area as a single entity, with shared access, water and sewage facilities and stormwater management, and a shared pump station and drainage basin. The first construction stage comprises of four blocks, the second with three new blocks, whilst an additional four ter-races of houses are also planned.“We will build outdoor play areas, walking trails with a gravel surface along the river and footpaths and cycle paths with a bridge over the river.

The development will be home to around 250 families – there’ll be a whole little community out in the country,” he explains.

Blown into place

Leca LWA will be pneumatically blown in around the walls of the underground car park.“Naturally this is below ground level. We need the Leca to relieve the pressure on the wall; to reduce the earth pressure on the buildings. Leca® LWA is easy to use and contains natural draining properties, which means that we can have both the drainage layer and fillers in the same layer. So when we are going down into a con-struction pit and need to go round corners, it’s really great to be able to blow the pellets in,” confirms Jon Olav Mo.He originally planned to use around 1,000 cubic metres of Leca LWA, but now expects to use 1,500 cubic metres by the time they are finished.

Project: Kvernstua in Nittedal – seven blocks with 186 apartments covering 38–195 cubic metres, with four terraces of houses planned in the next stage.

Construction client: Øie Eiendomsutvikling.

Main contractor: AF Gruppen.

Ground and outdoor works: JR Anlegg.

Product: Leca® 10-20.