Green Roof Webinar

Green Roof Webinar

The growth of our cities and the loss of open spaces have led to a considerable deterioration of living standards. In many areas we are able to learn from the mistakes of the past and plan for large green areas in residential, commercial and industrial complexes, designed to improve living and working conditions.

Find out more about Green Roofs with our new webinar, which is a presentation from our experienced green roof team, which aims to provide a thorough overview of the fundamental properties of LECA® LWA within Green Roof development.

Key areas for webinar:

  • Why lightweight aggregate is suitable for green roof development?
  • Case studies where LECA® LWA has been applied to green roof design in the UK
  • Technical specification and certification
  • The use of the Green Roof calculator for bespoke projects in assessing water management
  • Q&A session with the technical team

*All attendees will receive an official CPD certificate.