Leca® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate for the Home underfloor insulation fill and chimney solution

LECA ® LWA for the Home

LECA® LWA for the Home underfloor insulation fill and chimney solution

Leca® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate is used extensively in new buildings, the restoration of historical buildings and domestic renovation projects Inc Underfloor Insulation.

LECA® LWA can be used in all elements of construction from foundations to rooftop. It is primarily used in internal and external masonry walls, both in blocks and mortar as well as providing insulating layers in floors, roofs and basements.

Leca Under Floor Solution


Leca® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate products available in the uk for use in the home

Leca® LWA Insulation fill

Leca used for underground foundations


Leca® LWA Insufill is the fastest and easiest method of preparing an insulated oversight for a concrete slab or screed. It is a lightweight insulation that cuts solid floor construction time by hours. It’s availability in easy to handle, lightweight 50 litre bags that can be installed directly into the foundation without the need for emptying makes constructing and insulating replacement and new solid floors a simple, one man process. It is the lightweight alternative to both hardcore and insulation.

Key Benefits:

  • It is lightweight to make ease of handling
  • It is thermally insulating replacing the need for secondary insulation
  • It is rounded preventing damage to duct, pipe or damp proof membranes
  • It can be installed in the bag directly into the foundation
  • It saves time and money

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Leca® LWA Chimney & Flue Backfill

Chimney Backfill Insulation Technical Details


Leca® LWA used as fill between the Chimney and Flue provides a lightweight, stable and insulating surround to the flue improving draw and retaining heat where it is most needed.

Simply pour the Leca® LWA into the void between chimney and flue liner either straight from the bag or using a bucket or filler for smaller apertures.

Below are some of the benefits of insulating the chimney and flue void with Leca® LWA:

• Hotter gases and improved chimney draw
• Increased flue efficiency
• Reduction of heat loss
• Better fuel economy
• Prevents condensation
• Significant reduction of tar deposits
• Increased flue life span

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