Leca® Aerotop is launched in the UK!

Leca Agri Lagoon Fill for storage tanks and bio farms

Leca® Aerotop is launched in the UK!

We are delighted to have teamed up with Agri Environmental Group Ltd on the launch of our new product Leca® Aerotop.

Leca® Aerotop is a scientifically proven solution to tackle the issue of odour at their source and has been proven to significantly reduce harmful gas emissions. This innovative material floats on the surface of lagoons, storage tanks and run off areas to control the release of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Ammonia, Methane and other odours* 

The gas emission removal system is created by a catalyst reaction on the Leca® Aerotop surface, which contains iron oxide and other metal oxides. This means that the emission removal solution and performance will last – preventing the release of harmful gases and odour into the surrounding area.

The lightweight nature of Leca® Aerotop means that the aggregate simply floats on the surface of the lagoon or slurry tank, making it a cost effective, quick and simple solution in the prevention of harmful gases and odour.  The iron oxides in the clay mineral structure acts as a catalyst for chemisorption of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Ammonia, Methane and other organic compounds.

The Leca® Aerotop floating cover solution can significantly reduce the capital costs involved in digestate storage solutions, while offering significant financial returns through the retention of nitrogen. Leca® Aerotop also reduces the financial costs required for the on-going maintenance required for alternative types of covers such as floating plastic covers and other fixed covers, which depending on the size of the lagoon can be extremely expensive, time intensive and difficult to install.

To find out more and speak to the experts at AEG Ltd please visit www.aegltd.co.uk