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We have LECA brochures downloads available which focus on some key areas for use for Leca LWA.

Whilst LECA® LWA is a simple product, our solutions are innovative. Alone, it is one single expanded clay pellet, but when combining the pellets into an aggregate, the civil engineering possibilities become endless - whether it is lightening road and railway embankments, insulating and filling of swimming pool surrounds, reducing pressure within quay extensionslightweight fill in foundations and behind retaining wallsgeneral load compensation, within structural elementsinsulating and lightening pipelinesdrainage and insulating sports pitches and courts, lightening the load over tunnels and bridge development and much more. The simplicity of this product makes it extremely versatile and flexible in the construction process.

Leca LWA

When responsible for large or small-scale construction projects, to make the building process cost-efficient and run more smoothly, building materials need to be easy to handle, easy to transport and flexible to work with. LECA® LWA can achieve all of this.

Leca LWA has many fundamental properties which make it the perfect solution for many areas of construction and geotechnical work. But there is much more Leca can offer. We have some free downloads below which includes brochures on storm water management, lagoon filling solutions for farms and green roof development.

Water Management Storm Water Overview Guide

storm water guide

Water Management Storm Water Technical Guide

storm water guide

Green Roof Solutions for City Development

green roof development

Leca® Aerotop for Lagoons and Slurry Tanks for farmers

Prevent gas emissions from lagoons and slurry tanks