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Across the Europe there is a rapid increase in urban living and an ever greater understanding of the consequences of global climate change. The emergence of the ‘living roof’ or ‘green roof’ is quickly emerging as a green solution to a serious problem.

Through excellent architecture and innovative urban design, the green roof solution is becoming more prominent throughout the UK and LECA® LWA is a solution which architects and structural engineers are using to replace traditional heavy soil, especially in areas which include building slopes and variation in the terrain.

Key properties of LECA® LWA within green roof design:

  • Natural and lightweight
  • Neutral and inert
  • Lends support to root growth
  • High air conductivity
  • High hydraulic capacity
  • Resistant to freezing
  • Structurally stable
  • Stable quality
  • Good thermal and acoustic characteristics
  • Fire resistant/ non-combustible

To learn more about how LECA® LWA has been utilised throughout the UK, book a LECA Green Roof Lunchtime CPD (which includes lunch). 

Key LECA® Green Roof CPD learning outcomes:

  1. How is LECA® LWA used in green roof developments?
  2. Key properties of LECA® LWA including water retention and supporting root growth 
  3. What are the range of delivery methods available to deliver material to site? 
  4. What is the scientific results (including water run off and water retention) for storm water management and the retention of water when applying LECA® LWA for a new development?
  5. Key case studies of using LECA® LWA
  6. Understanding and practically applying the results of the LECA® Calculator
  7. Q&A session with the technical team on the properties of LECA® LWA within a  newdevelopment

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To learn more about how LECA® LWA , book a LECA Green Roof Lunchtime CPD (which includes lunch).