Reducing CO2 emissions from the plant by more than 50 percent per year. 

SPIR Project

Reducing CO2 emissions from our manufacturing plants by more than 50 percent per annum. 

SPIR Project.

Saint-Gobain, one of the world's leading suppliers of construction materials, has invested in a new biomass project to make the Leca® plant in Hinge more competitive and sustainable. The project will mean that fossil fuels in production will be replaced by biomass, which will reduce CO2 emissions from the plant by more than 50 percent per year. 

The Leca® plant in Hinge received an investment of DKK 110 million for a large biomass project aimed at making the plant more competitive and more sustainable. At the same time, it will eventually be possible to utilize the excess heat for district heating.

At Leca, we are pleased that the investment is in place.

“This really means a lot to Leca. Both because the project will ensure competitive production in Hinge for many years to come, and because it will have a noticeable, positive effect in relation to the environmental impact, "  says Torben Dyrberg, CEO of Leca International. 

Investing in sustainability

Sustainability is a key area for Saint-Gobain and Leca, and the local project from Hinge was also well received by the Saint-Gobain Group, as the project contributes to Saint-Gobain's overall goal of reducing CO2 by 20 percent by 2025.

“The fact that we halve our CO2 emissions means a lot. In addition, it is also gratifying that we will be able to take in a type of biofuel that usually ends up in landfill because not many others can use it. We thus contribute to a better carbon footprint and to a circular economy, ”says Jesper Schmidt, project manager at Leca Danmark A / S.

The project was supported with DKK 49.5 million from the VE Process grants scheme - a scheme from the Danish Energy Agency, which was launched as a plant subsidy for companies, to help convert process energy from fossil to renewable energy. The rest of the money is Saint-Gobain's investment in the project, which consists of a flue gas treatment plant and a mill. The latter must ensure that the biofuel has the degree of fineness that is required for the production to run optimally.

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