CPD Webinar: Using LECA® Lightweight Fill within Rail Development

LECA® Lightweight Fill has been specified many times throughout the UK for rail development. LECA® Lightweight Fill offers a lightweight solution for rail platform construction, for example, behind the riser walls in order to reduce loads applied and to accommodate electrical cabinets on the platforms. LECA® Lightweight Fill offers unique delivery opportunities for contractors and designers including a unique pneumatic delivery facility when access is limited and urgency is required.

Join us for our webinar where our technical team will provide a full overview on the reason why specifiers and contractors are increasingly viewing LECA® Lightweight Fill as a cost saving opportunity for rail development.

Key areas for webinar:

  • Why lightweight aggregate is suitable for rail development?
  • Case studies where LECA® LWA has been applied to Geotechnical Rail design in the UK
  • Technical specification and certification
  • Q&A session with the technical team

*All attendees will receive a CPD Certificate.