Book a LECA CPD Webinar on Demand

CPD webinars on demand: Are you an industry professional looking for a way to improve your knowledge about using Leca® lwa in infrastructure, housing or water management?

CPD Webinar

Leca CPD webinars are the perfect platform to acquire and develop your understanding on LECA® LWA. Our webinars last around 30 or 45 minute and consist of technical solutions and practical examples from real-life case studies. The webinars are hosted by our experienced Leca professionals, who have been working on lightweight aggregate solutions for many years. 

Key CPD's Available on Demand:

  • Highway development  
  • Railway construction 
  • Bridge Design 
  • Green Roof Development
  • Water Management
  • Construction
  • Quayside Development
  • More available on request...

*All attendees will receive an official CPD Certificate. 

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1. Civil Engineering Webinar: Using LECA® (LWA) Lightweight Aggregate in Green Roof Design and Construction (DURATION: 33:43)

2. Civil Engineering Webinar: Contractors Guide on using LECA® (LWA) Lightweight Aggregate (DURATION: 33:08)