Pneumatic Delivery

LECA® Lightweight Fill can be delivered through multiple ways including Pneumatic Delivery (Scroll Down to Discover More)

Delivering LECA Lightweight Fill
Artic Tipper Delivery

Capable of carrying up to 55-60 cubic metres of LECA® Lightweight Fill (Scroll Down to Discover More)

Delivering LECA Lightweight Fill
Walking Floor Delivery

Capable of carrying up to 70 cubic metres of LECA® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (Scroll Down to Discover More)

Delivering LECA Lightweight Fill
Experienced Logistics Support Team

LECA® Lightweight fill can be delivered through further multiple methods including 8 Wheel Rigid Tippers, Curtain Sided Vehicles and Flatbed with Crane for Offload (Scroll Down to Discover More)

Delivering LECA Lightweight Fill

Delivering LECA® Lightweight Fill

At Leca® UK we have accumulated a wealth of experience over the past 20 years to successfully transport and deliver Leca® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate to diverse civil engineering and construction projects throughout the UK.

Leca® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate has been used extensively in structural and geotechnical projects including Road and Railway embankments, Swimming Pool Void Fills, Quay Extensions, Fillings in Foundations and Behind Retaining Walls, Sub-Base Compensation, Structural Elements, Insulation of Pipelines, Sports Field Drainage, Tunnels and Bridge Development and much more.

Depending on the project requirement and location, we will source the vehicles to best suit the project requirement from Crossrail Compliant to FORS Registered. For more information on your delivery requirements please Contact Us.

Video: Pneumatic Delivery

Leca® LWA benefits from its ability to be pneumatically delivered. The LWA is blown out through a 5 ”hose at a rate of 1 m3 per minute.

The hose can gain access to almost anywhere; whether it is down in the basement, up on the roof, into a narrow backyard or on a busy construction site. The vehicle has a 30-meter hose attached as standard, but the hose can be extended up to 90 meters.

If the availability of space is an issue on site, the truck can simply be parked outside the construction site and the hose can be passed through a 30 cm hole in the fence. The LWA can be blown 20 m vertically - for example up on a roof or down into a basement. The biggest advantage of pneumatic delivery is the time saving, as the LWA can be delivered specifically in place where required.

Video: Walking Floor Delivery

Queensferry Crossing: Walking Floor Delivery

Leca’s work in the area involved supplying the Lightweight aggregate used to raise part of the existing A90 mainline levels and widening westwards. The traditional solution of direct placing conventional fill materials on the existing A90 and the adjacent ground would have applied additional loads on the soft peat and underlying alluvial materials, resulting in unacceptably large settlements, as well as causing environmental issues.

Leca’s LWA brought additional short and long-term benefits, such as significant time saving in construction duration, which resulted in minimal disruption and delays to existing road users. This came with environmental benefits, as there was reduced congestion and vehicle emissions.

Partnerships with leading UK Design Teams

We are proud to have partnered many of the UK's leading design and geotechnical design teams throughout the UK including Ramboll, Bam Nuttall, WSP, AECOM, Curtins, Mott MacDonald, Network Rail, Highways England and Balfour Beatty - delivering LECA® LWA for some of the most groundbreaking and innovative geotechnical projects. Our innovative and unique material has proved to be a lightweight solution synonymous with groundwork issues, speed of delivery and sustainability.

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