Groundwork Solution

Official manufacturer of Leca® lightweight expanded clay aggregate 10-20mm (LWA)

  • Stability – reduces the risk of embankment landslide and deformation
  • Reduced settlements - to road structures, rail beds, pipelines and other structures
  • Reduced earth pressure - in structural backfill against foundations, retaining walls and bridge abutments
  • Limited compaction – approximately 10 - 12%
  • Low density and Resistant to Fire
  • EPD Verified and certified
  • Tested to conform: EN 15732, EN 13055-1 & 2, CE Declaration
Civils & Infrastructure
Groundwork Solution
Home Renovation Lightweight Products

Easy installation and Fire Resistant (Euroclass A1)

  • Leca® Insulation Fill is a lightweight expanded clay insulation that cuts foundation time by hours
  • Leca® Uno Pre-Mix Concrete for filling floors, applied in a single layer - increasing thermal and acoustic improvement of floors. 
  • Leca® Chimney & Flue Backfill provides a lightweight, stable and insulating surround to the flue improving draw and retaining heat
  • Leca® Flower Soil provides drainage solution underneath growing soil or as a soil improvement solution when mixed with traditional soil
Renovation and the Home
Renovation and the Home
Water Management


  • Storm Water Management - Water interacts with Leca® Lightweight Aggregate in a way that allows the material to provide water detention and drainage
  • Leca® Aerotop - a solution to reduce Ammonia emissions on lagoons, through its ability to float on the surface of water and to effectively prevent & reduce Ammonia (NH3) emissions 
Water Management
Water Management
Leca® Lightweight Concrete

One of the primary benefits of using Leca® Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (LWAC) in lightweight concrete production is its reduced weight. The aggregate's unique porous structure significantly decreases the overall weight of the concrete, making them easier to handle and transport.

  • Leca® Lightweight Concrete (Block Solution, Floor Base, Precast & Screed Solution)
  • Leca® High Density Concrete (Wind Turbines, Barges, Floating Fish Farms, Floating Bridge Foundations)
Leca® Lightweight Concrete

About us

#1 supplier of Expanded Clay Lightweight Aggregate in Europe for your infrastructure, housing and water management projects.

Who are LECA?
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Leca® LWA is used extensively as a lightweight aggregate for civil engineering and structural applications. Through promotion and specification, our client base is continually finding further solutions and interesting uses for this special lightweight aggregate.


Case studies

We have a history in specification and geotechnical design. See our case studies to see where LECA LWA has been successfully applied throughout the UK.

Residential Conservatory Groundwork Construction in Leicester

Leca® Underfloor Insulation all-in-one insulation and infill solution is helping a Midlands conservatory specialist Newlook Windows of Leicester to speed up construction and win over energy-conscious customers.
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Residential Conservatory Groundwork Construction in Leicester
Homes refurbishment, Dudley, West Midlands

Homes Refurbishment, Dudley, West Midlands

The search for a smarter way for replacing floors in council-owned homes led a Midlands local authority to a clean and efficient solution from Leca UK.
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Our intermediate commitment is reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in 2025 followed by 50% reduction by 2030, achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050. For that LECA will invest in clean processes, substituting the consumption of fossil fuels with green energy. To bring to You and to the Planet an even more sustainable product.

Our Sustainability Story

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