Ground Floor Insulation

Leca® Insulation Fill is a lightweight expanded clay insulation that cuts foundation time by hours. It is available in 50 litre bags, making insulated foundations (which comply with the new Part L of the Building Regulations) a simple, one man process. What is really clever about Leca® Insulation Fill in bags is that it is stored in the bag, collected and transported in the bag, laid in the site in the bag and covered.

Leca® Expanded Clay Insulation Fill is Ideal for:

  • Extensions
  • Conservatories
  • Garages
  • Refurbishments
  • Conversions
  • Driveways
  • Drainage
  • General back fill

The 50 litre bags weigh just 15kg and are easily portable. There’s no mess, no need for heavy machinery, no heavy lifting and no waste.

The lightweight alternative to hardcore and insulation:

  • is lightweight and easy to handle
  • is thermally insulating
  • is protective to duct, pipe and damp proof membranes
  • can be installed in the bag directly in to the foundation
  • saves time and money
Underfloor Insulation
Underfloor Insulation
Underfloor Insulation
Underfloor Insulation

Lay it in minutes in a simple, one-man operation.
In larger projects where resident turnaround times are key in housing upgrades, Leca® Insulation Fill can save around 40 man hours per house during installation of insulated solid floors.

It cuts turnaround times, minimises disruption for residents and enables two labourers to prepare a 40m2 base in just one hour, compared to two days for three labourers to do the same job using hardcore and polystyrene insulation.

It also virtually eliminates the need for numerous heavy vehicle journeys through the site during the works.


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Underfloor fill installation


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