Leca Chimney Fill

What are the benefits of insulating with Leca® Chimney and Flue Backfill?

Leca® Chimney & Flue Backfill provides a lightweight, stable and insulating surround to the flue improving draw and retaining heat where it is most needed. It has a unique cellular inner structure which provides excellent insulating qualities.

Leca® LWA is non-hazardous, inert and  is resilient to attack from chemicals, hydrocarbons, and extreme high & low temperatures. It  is not affected by water and unlike other backfill material it will not clog when wet.

Simply pour the Leca® LWA into the void between the chimney and flue liner either straight from the bag or using a bucket or filler for smaller apertures.

Chimney Fill
Chimney Fill
Chimney Fill
Chimney Fill
  • Hotter gases and improved chimney draw
  • Increased flue efficiency
  • Reduction of heat loss
  • Better fuel economy
  • Prevents condensation
  • Significant reduction of tar deposits
  • Increased flue life span
  • Leca® Chimney and Flue Backfill bags weigh a nominal 15kg, well within the H&E recommendations for a single-man lift. Leca® Chimney and Flue Backfill is chemically neutral and does not contain any environmentally harmful constituents. It is safe to handle and does not need any special protective clothing or special requirements for disposal.

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