Next Step Event: BGA Geo-Resilience in Cardiff

British Geotechnical Association at the Geo-Resilience in Cardiff

Next Step Event: We are sponsoring the BGA Geo-Resilience Conference Based on Sustainable Development

As part of our Next Step initiative - we are proud to be supporting the British Geotechnical Association at the Geo-Resilience at Cardiff University on the 28th and 29th March – bringing together engineers on the future of sustainable development in a future faced with uncertainty with climate change which threatens our existing our infrastructure and natural environment.

Floods and landslides are becoming more frequent and of greater magnitude and consequence. Our built and natural environment needs the ability to withstand extreme shocks and stresses, to be adapted for changing conditions, and significant interventions are needed to ensure recovery from extreme and frequent events.

We are proud to be part of this event and we look to forward to meeting all the attendees.

BGA Geo-Resilience

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