Load compensation

In areas prone to mining subsidence or where ground conditions contain natural sub-formation voids, drainage, culvert or tunnels and there is a danger of collapse, expensive techniques such as load transfer are often considered. However, using Leca® LWA can eliminate these costs and considerably lighten the load to provide similar benefits to those when used in weak soil areas.

Weak Soils

When constructing over weak underground voids or soils with low bearing capacity, the load compensation method may be considered using Leca® LWA.

load compensation
load compensation
load compensation
load compensation

By extracting a volume of existing soil from beneath the new construction, the equivalent volume of Leca® LWA replacing that soil will reduce the load on the subformation by four times. By using Leca® LWA extraction can be kept to a minimum in order to achieve nil settlement.



Environmental and sustainable issues which were probably not the main focus 75 years ago, is certainly a concern today in the modern world.

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