Groundwork Solution for Property in Bromsgrove

Over 40m3 of LECA® LWA was specified for a property in Bromsgrove, which required a robust infill. The contractor was tasked to carry out some ground stabilization between a retaining wall and a disused barn which was causing on a neighbouring property. The contractor required a robust infill at around 1m in depth, which offered a robust and long term solution, but also required self-compacting properties that LECA® LWA can provide..

The groundwork project itself was situated in a very tight space and delivery of alternative solutions such as concrete, grout or heavier aggregates was a problematic solution. Due to the lightweight nature of LECA® LWA and its ability to pneumatically delivered through a hose from the LECA® delivery truck, the contractor could overcome this access issue and did not require creating any further developments to the property.


Amount of material: 40m3 of LECA ®LWA (10-20mm)

Interesting Fact:  Grout or Concrete was originally proposed for this project

Delivery Method: Pneumatic Blowing Truck

Main Contractor: Tilsley Plant Hire

Contractor Feedback

The contractor was recommended the use of LECA® LWA through a colleague who had previously specified LECA® LWA for a similar groundwork project, and it was concluded that the specification of LECA® LWA was a simpler and more cost effective solution for the project compared to alternative solutions and provided the perfect solution for the groundwork issue faced.

groundwork solution
groundwork solution
groundwork solution
groundwork solution

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