Retaining walls

When used against retaining walls, Leca® LWA will reduce the weight acting on the rear of the structure by at least 75%, in comparison to traditional fill materials.This reduction in weight can avoid potential sliding, overturning, slip and tilting or bearing failures and enables savings by increasing spacing between buttressing walls and reducing structural dimensions. The bulk weight of the wall can also be reduced and more cost efficient, attractive materials can be used in place of costly, unattractive structural concrete.

Retaining Wall

Using Leca® LWA will minimise the differential settlement between piled bridge abutments and the embankment fill. As it is a free draining material, Leca® LWA has the added advantage of eliminating the need for rear wall block drainage.

retaining wall
retaining wall
retaining wall
retaining wall

The ‘pull out’ resistance of Leca® LWA makes it an ideal solution for reinforced soil retaining walls. Particularly when constructed over weak sub-soils or voids, this method has been proven to cut overall construction costs considerably.

Leca® LWA is used extensively to reduce vertical loading. Structures such as underground parking, tunnels or roof garden benefit greatly from the reduction in pressure and avoid additional costs of strengthening.

Being light weight and round in nature, Leca® LWA can be transported and placed more easily than that of traditional fill in these difficult to access areas.

Innovative Retaining Wall Design with Leca® Lightweight Fill

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Innovative Retaining Wall Design with Leca® Lightweight Fill


Environmental and sustainable issues which were probably not the main focus 75 years ago, is certainly a concern today in the modern world.

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