Installation & Compaction

Economical and versatile to place, Leca® LWA is typically tipped into position, spread with a tracked excavator and compacted by 4 passes of the same vehicle or, it can be pneumatically blown into position, which offers specific benefits for some applications especially where site access is difficult.

Leca® LWA can be installed using machinery already in use on site for the placement of other earthworks applications – unlike other lightweight products that require costly, specialist equipment and installation techniques.

The pellets of Leca® LWA are round and find their position within bulk fill very quickly when pressure is exerted. For this reason the layers to achieve adequate compaction can be as deep as 1 metre, six times the depth of layer for traditional fill material and with compaction more than ten times quicker to install.

Once compacted, the modulus of elasticity is 15-20MN/m2 and the maximum level of effective stress to avoid crushing of grains is 100kN/m2. Increased loading can be achieved by introducing a capping Layer such as subbase material or concrete.

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Simple Compaction

Highlighting the ease of compaction with Leca LWA

Sustainability with LECA

Environmental and sustainable issues which were probably not the main focus 75 years ago, is certainly a concern today in the modern world.

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