Quay and Waterside construction

When constructing quays, soft ground conditions often call for the use of lighter fills to guard against slide or deformation which can damage structures. A number of solid berth structures have been successfully built over recent years using Leca® LWA

It can be used to an advantage in many quay designs such as sheet pile, sheet pile cell and caisson structures and is also used as fill replacement in solid berth structures when quayside waters are dredged to greater depths. The stresses and strain of a fluctuating tide to a retaining structure can also be reduced with 10-20mm Leca® LWA limiting horizontal pressures from the material being retained.


With deep compaction layers and speed of installation when using Leca® LWA de-watering is kept to a minimum and the void filled in a fraction of the time compared to using traditional fills. By depositing the aggregate directly into place from a boat equipped with its own offloading gear, exceptionally fast progress can be made with 250-300 cubic metres per hour quite achievable.

quayside development
quayside development
quayside development
quayside development

The additional advantage in this location is one of an environmental nature.

Leca® LWA is a completely natural product, is an inert and stable material with no risk of leachate seepage in to the surrounding waterway.


Sustainability with LECA

Environmental and sustainable issues which were probably not the main focus 75 years ago, is certainly a concern today in the modern world.

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